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CDA Credential Review Class
During the one hour class you will meet with one of our Education Specialists to:
  • Get an overview of what the CDA is and how you can earn it;
  • Bring all your previous training transcripts and certificates to help you make a training plan;
  • Get a binder and template to review the requirements of the Professional Portfolio.
Meets the standards of the Great Start QRIS Core Knowledge Prof

Cost: $25.00 Contact Ann or 616-451-8281 x232 to make an appointment.
CDA 120+ Hybrid Class
CDA 120+ Hybrid Class
Our Price: $650.00
Vibrant Futures is offering a CDA 120+ Hybrid class beginning March 18, 2021 that goes through August 19, 2021.
Class meets most on ZOOM Thursdays, 6:00-8:00pm with homework between classes.
his class will fill up very quickly! Register as soon as possible.

The price is $650.00
*Class fee does not include the cost of the textbooks.

Required Textbooks for this class:
• CDA Essentials for Working with Young Children textbook
• CDA Essentials for Working with Young Children workbook
• CDA Competency Standards book (Family Child Care or Infant Toddler or Preschool)
The use of these three books is an integral part of the CDA training at Vibrant Futures. The text is current and reflects up-to-date research and emerging trends in early childhood education.

To purchase the textbooks go to the CDA Council Bookstore,then click the “CDA Value Packages” tab.

Please email Tonya or call 616-451-8281 x242 if you have questions.

CDA Student Payment with Scholarship*
*The CDA Student Payment with Scholarship is an option for students who have been awarded a partial scholarship for the CDA class and need to pay the remaining class fee. To apply for a partial scholarship for a CDA 120 class, fill out the form HERE